陆海财经:'Blooming June Art Tour of SCFAI' Unveiled with Art Exhibition, Colorful Activities
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Chongqing - May 31st marked the grand opening of the annual cultural spectacle, the "Chongqing Art Grand Market - Blooming June Art Tour of SCFAI" 2023 Graduation Art Exhibition. This artistic rendezvous occurred within the refined walls of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute's (SCFAI) Art Museum in Chongqing.

On May 31st, the "Blooming June Art Tour of SCFAI" 2023 Graduation Art Exhibition opened at the Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (SCFAI) in Chongqing. (Photo/Deng Yan)

The event displayed a rich tapestry of over a thousand art pieces, spanning an array of disciplines such as oil painting, sculpture, traditional Chinese painting, and animation. These unique compositions symbolized the diverse aesthetic expressions of over 1,300 budding artists.

This free public event, slated to continue until June 18th, anticipates a footfall of over 400,000 art enthusiasts, catering to their eclectic artistic predilections.

Thousands of creative artworks

Stepping into the Art Museum of SCFAI, you are ushered into a vibrant garden of creativity, hosting artworks representing an assortment of artistic disciplines.

For instance, within the School of Traditional Chinese Painting and Calligraphy exhibition hall, one can witness a harmonious blend of meticulous and freehand brushwork. Classical seal styles underpin the calligraphy works, showcasing diverse forms and inventive ingenuity that draw strength from the rich heritage of this art form.

One traditional Chinese painting at the exhibition. (Photo/Deng Yan)

Every oil painting, printmaking piece, and sculpture in the School of Fine Arts exhibition hall echoes personal life experiences and reflections intertwined with the fabric of contemporary society. These artworks radiate profound humanistic allure, brought to life through multidimensional thematic meanings and the deployment of diverse media.

One ceramic artwork, "Please Keep Smile" by Qiu Weier. (Photo/Deng Yan)

The School of Design exhibition hall houses designs centered around themes of green design, rural revitalization, cultural heritage, smart living, and life safety. This gallery of innovative concepts offers a unique vantage point into the multifaceted values and implications of design, realized through practical and efficacious approaches.

Interactive installations, videos, and immersive games in the School of Experimental Art exhibition hall transcend artistic boundaries, presenting thought-provoking, aesthetically pleasing creations.

In contrast, the School of Film and Animation exhibition hall exhibits works focusing on themes like the culture of the red revolution and popularizing digital culture. These works spin a vibrant tableau of Chinese narratives through movies, animation, and comics by seamlessly weaving sound, image, movement, and stillness.

One interactive installation. (Photo/Deng Yan)

Within the sophisticated confines of the School of Film and Animation exhibition hall, the artworks dive into five compelling themes: the culture of the red revolution, the popularization of digital culture, and more. By orchestrating a symphony of sound, image, movement, and stillness, these masterpieces sketch out a vibrant world, narrating riveting Chinese stories through the mediums of film, animation, and comics.

"This exhibition stands as the city's most expansive teaching exhibition, not just in terms of the sheer number of artworks, but also the comprehensive range of art disciplines represented," explained Zhang Jie, Vice President of SCFAI. "The carefully curated disciplines and majors bring a well-structured, formidable roster to the fore. The graduate works exhibition spans four primary disciplines and two professional degree programs, showcasing an impressive array of over 700 pieces. Meanwhile, the exhibition of the undergraduate work features 17 nationally recognized, top-tier majors, along with 23 first-rate undergraduates from Chongqing, introducing thousands of exceptional works to the public."

Youthful brilliance

"Standing in contrast to other art exhibitions, this Graduation Art Exhibition encapsulates the fresh spirit of the era and the incisive edge of youth. It presents a vibrant showcase of active artistic ideation, diverse forms of expression, and the audacious creative imagination of the younger generation. Moreover, it serves as a platform to identify and foster emerging young artists," commented Zhang Qi, the esteemed host of Chongqing Jinse Gallery, during the exhibition.

Zhang Qi was notably impressed by the graduate works emanating from the five "personalized training studios" at SCFAI. In her perspective, these works, which span from woodcut prints and representational oil paintings to figurative sculptures, ceramics, and digital art, reflect the rich diversity and striking individuality. They not only mirror each studio's distinct creative approaches and artistic styles but also embody the students' commitment to art, their keen social observations, their allegiance to the zeitgeist, and their respect for tradition.

"This exhibition serves as the premier portal to experience the pulsating energy of young art students from esteemed art institutions. With their vibrant and dynamic artistic expressions, the graduates honor the exquisite traditional Chinese culture and articulate the spirit of the era," expressed Wei Dong, a member of the China Artists Association and the Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General of the Chongqing Artists Association, after his exhibition visit.

"These works manifest deep thoughts, adept techniques, and remarkable abilities, showcasing unique artistic personas and reflecting the graduates' zeal and vivacity in their creative endeavors," reflected Pang Maokun, Vice Chairman of the China Artists Association, Chairman of the Chongqing Artists Association, and President of SCFAI. He further emphasized that the graduation works, across a spectrum of disciplines, exhibit the students' diversity and innovation while underlining the institution's proactive efforts in aligning with national strategies.

Series of activities

Significantly, this exhibition and its associated activities are designed to foster a delightful and artistically rich experience. Special events, including "Night at the Art Museum" and "Themed Days," will be organized to allow citizens and art aficionados to revel in the art carnival, both under the sun and beneath the moon.

Modern dance "Little Shadow Puppet." (Photo/Qi Lansen)

As the exhibition unfolds, SCFAI will take center stage to host a special "Public Art Education Week" event. Embracing the theme "Art Lights up the City, Digitization Empowers Art," the event is set to dazzle attendees with an array of cross-disciplinary audiovisual performances. From captivating light shows and stylish fashion displays to innovative modern dance and music performances, the event promises a rich cultural experience. Not to be missed are the mesmerizing highlights of the famed Sichuan Opera.